Harry, 80, wife died of cancer and he moved into a small studio where he quietly listens to the sound of all his favorite classical composers. He lives alone and on fixed income, walking to the community church to pick up 2 brown bags of groceries from Second Harvest Food Bank every week.

We were in-awe of Harry’s life story. He was adventurous and romantic and said his greatest accomplishment was marrying to his wife, Dolores, for 54 years.  Unable to have children of their own, they were each other’s  “home,” soulmates for life.  They were inseparable.  He was a blue collar worker, but his love for his wife filled his soul with richness.  She loved classical music, and he saved money to take her to the symphony.  He fondly remembers all the happy memories they shared.  His wish was to spend an evening at the Symphony.

October 25, 2015, Metta4Life granted Harry his wish to attend the San Francisco Symphony in style.  We made sure that every detail from his tuxedo to the limousine would enable him to recount the moments he shared with his wife.  The gratitude he expressed in his eyes and smile captivated the entire hall.  Tears of joy to every note in the symphony of his inspiring life.

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