Emergency Response


Emergency Response

During natural disasters and crises, seniors are not often included in community decision-making during emergency planning, especially seniors living in poverty. They have limited access to resources due to many factors, such as disabilities or technology; as a result, they become vulnerable to illness or death.

Metta4life Foundation is committed to providing emergency supports to help seniors through difficult times. We work with local organizations to provide food, water, basic necessities, and services to ensure the seniors maintain quality of life.


  • Must be 65 years and older
  • Must be low-income or fixed income
  • Must be cognitively, emotionally, and physically capable of communicating and able to self-care.
  • Living in Santa Clara or San Mateo County.

Important: This application will place you into our program database, and you will be contacted by our team members, who will help you access our program if funded. While we are trying to assist everyone, this application does not guarantee assistance.

Care Package Application

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